"The Heartbroken Revolutionary" Intro

My people are just emotionless

With ambitionz of gold chains and benzes

Dudes walking around with no guidance

Watchin dealers hoppin out of porches

Chicks giving head that look flawless

Crack kills

But the generation after is born with ills

Niggaz addicted to poison

Dudes gettin locked up

Judge giving out decades

Paperwork and quotas

Break a nigga till he bitchmade

No feelings just taking orders

Plasma screens teleport the import

Co op with the fiends

That run in and out of the dope spots

I'm still shell shocked

Cuz there's no honor amongst men

Lord forgive me for my sins

The ghost of Huey P is calling me again

The streets haunt me

Tattoos and bullet scars

Knife wounds but i'm still here sippin vodka smoking on cigars

I had to get out my niggaz

Projects full of roaches

Parking lots full of rats

The future's hopeless

Demons jump into others to test your patience and make you loose focus

Homicides where kids would ride they bikes

Ghetto's full of bastards

This aint no Antwan Fisher Story

Not everyone gets their masters.

There's not too many options when your crucified and boxed in

More funerals than house parties

Plots to get out this low income housing

You gotta do business in places where the sun don't shine

Where i'm from villages get burnt down and mothers get raped

They make child soldiers outta little niggaz

And fill you with hate

Who can relate?

The only thing worse than the liqor is the chase

The rat race

I'm Jewelzdagod Jewelzdagod

Catch me in a convertible Saab

I got one shot at life Allah Hu Akbar

Doin 90 on the freeway trying to switch lanes

And exit with a crucifix sportin my name.

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