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"The Heartbroken Revolutionary" Arrives June 22nd 2022

Not quite sure what freedom is, but I know damn well what it aint. How have we gotten so silly" says Assata Shakur. We was all united in the struggle. Freedom has no color lines though as I elaborate, humanity is under seige, morals, codes, compassion, respect for each other, everybody too busy clout chasing.......its heartbreaking. "The Heartbroken Revolutionary arriving July 2022 only on Jewelry Entertainment.

It truly is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a rather sick society. Music was always the soundtrack to a revolution, slaves would chant while getting whipped. Now even music has conformed. I'm heartbroken. Love is now just a transaction, the human experience becomes so fully automated to where the essence is lost. Fear and trauma become mainstream. The black masculine man is being feminized, and who knows the real reason for these jabs, we all conformed, its heartbreaking.

This project is solemn, pierces into your very psyche, challenges you. It is what it is, songs like "spend Some Time" capture the difficulty of the chase of a woman, "Sand to the Beach" challenges the idea of you don't bring sand to the beach, hey why not? This is the project of the year, eff what you heard. Los Angeles shows out on this project with features from Myka 9, Big Cr, God Areef, Stroe, the westcoast gets to challenge all comers this summer.


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