Jewelry Entertainment Enterprises.

JewelryEntertainment is a multi faceted multi media music and film company based in Los Angeles California, founded in 2003 by Anthony Ehirim (aka Jewelzdagod). All aspects of J.E. is done independantly and in house. J.E. includes Jewelzdagod, J.E News, J.E. Wireless, Cultural Therapy, Circle Of Light, Its All Love, J.E. Clothing and Things Fall Apart Publishing.


Jewelzdagod is the first artist on the label JewelryEntertainment since 2003. Other affiliations and partnerships add on to the package.Zestone productions and Kai Chi productions. These two music production companies are in charge of all the beatmaking, mixing and mastering, Zestone productions also includes visual arts such as album covers,flyers and other forms of media advertising. On the film side Brea films and Malibu Slimm films are subsidiaries of J.E films. which deals with music videos, movies, editing and more.

J.E. News

J.E. News is a monthly newsletter sent to fans and the general public informing folks about upcomming events, pertinant world news and contoversial topics. This allows people to develop a relationship with the company and stay updated on whats comming up. To subscribe to J.E.News send and email to

J.E. Wireless

J.E. Wireless is an independant business founded in 2008 that allows the public to turn their old and used phones into cash. It is said that the average household has three or four cell phones laying around collecting dust, these phones are valuable to business owners who need replacement phones for their workers. J.E. Wireless can get you top dollar for your old and used phones. To sell your used cell phones send an email to

J.E. Movers

Started up in New York City J.E. will be assisting anyone moving from borough to borough with reasonable and affordable prices.

Cultural Therapy

Cultural Therapy is an event sponsored by JewelryEntertainment that books artists,poets,musicians and intellectuals to come out once a month and do a presentation. Cultural Therapy was founded in 2005, and was held at club Gabah in Hollywood before moving to Kaos Network in Leimert Park. This event includes a massage room, free wine and caters to artists looking to showcase their talent. Proceeds from Cultural Therapy was used to assist the genocide in Sudan ( and other organisations. Cultural Therapy was inspired by artists like KRS-1 with his Temple Of Hip Hop and Common Senses Common Ground. It allows J.E. to give back to the public and raise the vibration.

Circle Of Light

Circle Of Light is another event sponsored by JewelryEntertainment held at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre once a year. Live bands, poets and emcees who deal in positive messages gather once a year to do a special showcase for families. The goal of the event is to empower people, and artists are one of the best at doing that.

Its All Love

Its all love is the first official poetry spot sponsored by JewelryEntertainment that is held once a week at the Wilshire Royale Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Currently the hotel is being renovated and another location is being sought. Poetry is one of those underrated art forms that doesn't really get enough credit, "Its All Love" allows poets from different perspectives to come spill their literature for listeners.

J.E. Clothing

J.E. Clothing is the first clothing line currently under production, J.E. is seeking the funding to offset some of the designs to start up this clothing line

Things Fall Apart Publishing

Things Fall Apart Publishing is the publishing company established by J.E to make sure all audio and literary works are copywritten and funds are allocated correctly