Jewelzdagod- Starts with the love for God, the creator,the most high, the designer of this complex universe. Jewelz simply means truth.  The name simply recognizes that we are all lesser gods. Through self reflection and self actualization one is able to tune into their Chi and empower themselves....

In 2016 Jewelzdagod became Africanemcee, to pay respect to his origin and start a new chapter.



(born,Anthony Okwudiri Ehirim) is a Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, and World Music artist. His origin, a small village in Nigeria called Ubakuru, Mbieri. Mbieri is mud houses and tin/zinc roofs, unpaved roads, no running water or electricity. A small village in Nigeria/West Africa.

Even though people lived in mud houses with zinc roofs, and some traveled by bicycle while others traveled by foot on dirt roads, everyone was connected with nature and respected their surroundings. After jewelz's parents escaped the Biafra War in Nigeria in the 60's. As a young child Jewelz travelled a lot, experiencing first hand the beauty and unrest the world had to offer.Jewelz' father a personnel officer with the United Nations moved Jewelz to dangerous places like Israel and Pakistan. Jewelzdagod witnessed terrorist bombings in crowded shopping malls and guerilla warfare very early.

As early as six years old Jewelz was desensitized, watching countless acts of terror...

Realizing the Middle East was too volatile a place to try to raise children, his family moved to Cyprus, a small island in Europe between Greece and Turkey. His father serving with the United Nations was often placed in chaotic missions as a peacekeeper. Jewelz encountered many musical influences growing up; from Rock, to Pop, Hip-Hop to Indian music, Greek music, African music and more. While living on an island sold on pop and techno music, Jewelzdagod began DJ'ing at the "Elizabethan" , igniting Hip-Hop in the hottest nightclub in Nicosia, Cyprus. Soon emceeing and DJ'ing became more than a hobby, it became a love and a passion.

Jewelz used school as a means to get him closer to his dreams. After experiencing so much of Hip-Hop's influence overseas, coming to America was a dream come true. While attending the University of North Carolina in Charlotte he met a group of 5 Per Centers who exposed him to a diverse ideology. Jewelz built with the gods and mastered the 120 Lessons. It was in America where Anthony was christened Jewelzdagod. The fire was lit, taking a sabbatical from his studies Jewelz moved to the city where Hip-Hop lives, NYC. New York was Hip-Hop from the walk to the talk. North Bronx is where Jewelz cultivated and built on his rhymes and later moved to Brooklyn. His receptiveness to all styles of music and his desire to educate while entertaining aided Jewelzdagod in creating his own sound.

By 2001 Jewelzdagod found himself in Los Angeles to complete his degree at the request of his parents. Determined to stay the course of his dream, Jewelz started to perform at various hot spots in L.A. like the Knitting Factory, El Cid, Club Lingerie, The Temple Bar, Martini Lounge, Dragonfly, Zanzibar and more. Los Angeles brought much opportunity for Jewelz, which he seized by starting his own independent label, Jewelry Entertainment Enterprises. In 2003 Jewelzdagod released his debut album L.I.F.E. (Love Is For Ever).


It was an independent success with hits like "Jewelzdaride"-which talks about the politics and gruesome realities that plagues Nigeria, inspired by the Biafra war. " Love for U"- a lyrically beautiful ode to a ladylove, on "City Life"- Jewelz takes on living in the inner City, and "She" an anecdote about "SHE" from two different perspectives. With hits so enthralling the underground was left yearning for more. A following was fostered as Jewelz was invited to perform on underground circuits like The Frequencing All Star Jam, Smooth Sounds Showcase, Activate LA, The Urban Underground, Fais Do Do's and more, opening up for artists like The Souls of Mischief, Mykah 9, MIA, Defari, Medusa, Akil the MC, Redman, Wu Tang, and more. In between you may have caught Jewelz humbly spilling literature at different arenas and performing at many open mic and poetry spots in Los Angeles.

In 2005 Jewelz started "Cultural Therapy (an independent artist showcase sponsored by Jewelry Entertainment) a place where artists could come showcase their talents, speak out about injustices and promote themselves.  Artists like Common, Aloe Blac, Killah Priest, and more graced Cultural Therapy as well as local indie talent.

In 2008 JewelryEntertainment released Jewelzdagod's sophomore album "Rebel Soul". This album is a double album, disc one being the Rebel side and disc two being the Soul side. It is passion and endurance, music, emotion, spoken word, poetry and song. The title track is melodic and directly calls out the Rebel Souls. With Jha Voice gracing the hook, it is a rare classic. 

2011 JewelryEntertainment released "Da Arrival Of Da Godz" project which will complete a 3 album package. And the launch of J.E.films which allows J.E. to indipendantly film its own videos and films. Other projects are the Cultural Therapy mixtape and the It takes A Village mixtape out now.

More branches of J.E. have been put into effect such as J.E. News ( a random newsletter that is sent to subscribers that provides real news of many topics to its readers and also gives listeners updates). Things Fall Apart publishing is the publishing company c/o J.E. In the future J.E. hopes to join forces with programs and organizations that help people that are disadvantaged and or disenfranchised to bring about a better tomorrow.

2013 J.E moved to Brooklyn New York and dropped "Starfish and Coffee"  the most soulful and spirited project from jewelryeEntertainment until date. Written and recorded in Brooklyn New York it brought out the most endearing sincerity that could be confessed in a booth. Love shows its face, love screamed louder than the demons on this project. With Jewelzdagod returning back home to Nigeria the natives made him change the handle to Africanemcee to represent the land. Search Africanemcee on, itunes, youtube, spotify, tidal and more.

The God Cry album was released in 2018 followed by the Scary Hours EP in 2021. 2022 brings you "The Heartbroken Revolutionary"