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Marvelous Times Mixtape available July 30th 2017

We livening in Marvelous times truly, the pain and the exasperation that comes with coping with this current society, many simply become numb, they don't even know that they are a direct casualty of the current vibration. The low vibration like everything else has effects, depression, insomnia, people in fact pretend their happy, the smiles aren't real. A 3 second selfie with friends shows that someone could be having fun then they leave the venue because the music was wack. We look to manufacture false realities for others to gawk over. But thats the direct result of the unfortunate and digressing society that forces you to cope.

Nobody has told you what the effects of TV programming and computers is, nobody has told you the soul darkens whenever a police officer gets acquitted of murdering a black man or woman in cold blood and walks free. You question the very building blocks of a civil society when the opposite of civil becomes a standard. Our very leaders and idols are dead or under investigation, typical thoughts of hope vanish under perilous leaders and humanity starves for substance.

Bad news is good news, if a woman beats up someone for not saying Merry Christmas its more exciting than the woman that helped an old lady cross the street. Nobody cares anymore, a lot of people say they do, the current climate of hate is more dangerous now than ever before because someone would film a man get stomped instead of help. Its like the reuters journalist who took a picture of a vulture eating a somali kid...yes the picture earned him a pulitzer prize but later he committed suicide.

We living in Marvelous times is the prelude to the upcoming long awaited and anticipated Starfish and Coffee project and the official debut of Africanemcee, the new handle. After the #Knowthyself mixtape it was only right to go back to the beginning, as a Nigerian the journey to know thy self only led me back to my roots which i will be going back in December2017.

Support this project to help release the album, the Marvelous Times mixtape is an assortment of thoughts and ideas mixed with familiar beats giving you tantric treats in which hopefully you can relate, if not understand or in the least respect. It will be available exclusively on Sunday July 30th 2017.

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