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"Its Not The Destination Its The Journey"

"Its not the destination Its The Journey" was released December 23rd 2023. This project is 9 songs, each song having its own expression.

Songs like P.I.M.P. "Pain In My Poems"starts the album off with a melodic beat produced by Maxwell Gooding. This song is pure ego driven, attempting to speak on the spoils and luxuries of life. It then immediately blends into P.O.M.P "Power Of My Pen" which deals with the sacrifices most people do not see that artists make to be successful.

A gem and first single from the album "Murder Onez" is featuring El Da Sensai from the hip hop group Artifacts. If you like boom bap this single is for the hip hop heads

Track 3 "Fuck My Foes" is an angry rant, produced by Bin Grim. This song takes you on a path where your able to relate with the artist. Everyone has haters and gets critiqued when they are levelling up in life. This song allows you to flick your middle finger to your naysayers.

"I'm an Artist" is the next installment featuring Mister Cr and Patrick Antonian. Produced by Maxwell Gooding this track talks about how music is art like a painting. A rapper is too limited a word to describe the body of work by JewelryEntertainment because it includes afrobeat, poetry, R&B and hip hop.

"One Verse Iz 1000 years" is a phrase that descibes making timeless music, the bars on this track are galactic mimicking the beat produced by Maxwell Gooding.

"Its Not The Destination Its The Journey" is the title track produced by Dj Earle or Nate Gibson. It features Scarub" from the group "Living Legends" In life we often spend so much time trying to get somewhere and when u get there its sometimes not what its cracked up to be. The journey is the beauty not the destination.

"Looks Can Be Deceiving" produced by Dubs and Up is the most esoteric song on the project. Catch the messages in the lyrics and hopefully some lessons can be learned to take you higher spiritually.

"Sand Castles" is for the deep thinkers, featuring MC Prose the message in the song is if your not pushing music to uplift folks then you work for the other side. The way of death and destruction is not sustainable and will all fall down. Produced by Maxwell Gooding.

Finally for all the reggae massive the project ends with the "Murder Onez" remix featuring El Da Sensai from the Artifacts. Produced by Dj Earle ( Nate Gibson) this blend allows a reggae twist to the overall project.

This project is compelling, racy, up front and in your face. Stream it on any platform and injoy.


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