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J.E Presents Cultural Therapy Sunday May 28th

Fused with the Leimert Park Artwalk @culturaltherapysessions returns Sunday May 28th @kaosnetworkz more info tba. Los Angeles wields just 8% of the black population yet and still the permeating influence in the arts, in politics, in every level of demographics we are present. However as the tide of gentrification comes to shore. We do have to take ownership of the culture and curate its direction. Gentrification is Urban Colonialism.

Culturaltherapysessions started in Los Angeles, moved to Brooklyn, and now post pandemic is able to move back in L.A to bring you the most creative influential artistic music and vibes from the inner city. Fused in with the Leimert Park artwalk this new chapter will be more defining. Respect Ben Caldwell for being a pillar in the community to provide opportunities for the youth and lessons.

Leimert Park or Africatown (if you are from here you know) carries such a unique history of birthing so many creatives, and to be able to continue to inspire and be inspired is the goal. Come out and enjoy some hip hop in the park. Free music festival for the family, fused with the Leimert Park Artwalk. We have food trucks lined up, vendors,shopping and more.

Performing Live: Planet Asia, Jewelzdagod, Mora Que, Cornbread Of Kaliwild, Monstroe, Tek Tha Supah, Latin, Mister Cr, Patrick Antonian, Tay Da Crown and more...

Beat set by Ero=3


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