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Arrival Of Da Godz

This project completes a three part trilogy starting with "L.I.F.E." to "Rebel Soul" to finally " Arrival of da Godz". Based on the mystery surrounding the prophecy of 2012 this album touches on the ancient teachings left over by da Godz to tell us of whats comming. Indeed the pyramids and other writings were left behind by da Godz to show us proof of their existance.

Also being unlocked is the information stored in our genes which is fully awakening the masses. The natural elements are already showing us their wrath as we see the poles shifting and record breaking natural disasters. As we move towards universal law we are experiencing free market system crashes,and a rise of consciousness. The power is in the people and they are tired of being oppressed. It is crucial now more than ever for every individual to take personal responsibility for their actions, heal, get on the same frequency with the creator.

More lyrics fuels this cd, longer verses, songs have different formats. Freestyles are included, more sampling, spoken word, Both sides of the coin still get expressed on this cd, love and war...sometimes its one and the same. The album opens up with "Franklefaces" warning us of what is to come and to prepare, the beat produced by Michael Hatt is dark and haunting."Raise em high" features Rashondra Angelle which is a soulful song with a strong message giving us another reason to put our fists in the air. "Utopia" featuring Toya Peraza gets more soulful as thoughts of meeting your ideal gets explored on this single. The title track "Arrival Of Da Godz" featuring Medusa Da Gangsta Goddess is pure lyrics as the God and Goddess connect as they should, raising the vibration, the original hip hop headz can salvate on this track. "2 birds and a marshmellow" was written after a break up, sometimes you don't know what you got till its gone. However the message of man woman and child being completion is a powerful one.

With 15 songs on this project the listener goes through a musical journey with other songs like "Party" a club song with a swing backdrop. "Da Beast" an ambiance dreamy adventure feat Jha Voice, "After 2012" was a freestyle that worked, to walk into the studio, press record and just spit was fun.."After all the smog is gone" was an attempt to be as sincere as possible, word.Transitional Change" speaks on the transition we are all going through now as a new cycle lies ahead."The Truth" is a collabo with Malibu Slimm that worked.This album is more mature, showing growth, it wraps up a three album project which will later be sold as a 3cd disc set. Production stayed consistant with Zestone productions and Kai Chi productions who lent a hand in providing beats for all the projects. Michael Hatt productions brings a new energy to this project, Dj S.O.U.L-O and Ravage Beats 2012 closes out the list of producers.


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