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Starfish and Coffee

Those who really know me, know that i lik

e Prince, he is almost the dare to be different poster child. Starfish & Coffee is one of my favorite songs by Prince, or the artist formerly known as. There is a little controversy in regards to the meaning of the song. Is it about drugs or about a girl with autism? Starfish and Coffee is a song from the Signs of the Times double album. Cynthia Rose is actually based off someone Susannah Melvoin (sister of Wendy – former member of Prince's band 'The Revolution') knew in school who was autistic and was teased because she was “different”. The song is celebrating those differences. Our differences are the ingredients that make the spice of life. We fear what we do not understand and condemn what pecan't control, often those entities get outcasted or categorized as crazy. We miss the beauty in the awkwardness, the beauty in the diversity. This new upcoming project is the follow up to "Arrival Of Da Godz" which was released in 2011 in Los Angeles California. Many asked why did it take so long to drop another album. Sometimes you just become a slave to your art and forget to live, you take risks and you heal, an artist is just as human as you. These days music is dropped so fast you wonder if folks are really looking to give you their best work. Music that lasts a lifetime should take time to make maybe. Starfish and Coffee is not only inspired by Prince but also its a project where you will see differences, differences in songs, in rhyme styles and patterns, in aggressiveness, emceeing and a little auto tune. Anti conformity stands out, also under the new monachre and guise of Africanemcee the new handle. It also sarcastically follows in Princes defiance of the music industry. As we are all aware of the disagreements Prince had with Warner Bros he also was adamant of artists owning their own music. African emcee the artist formerly known as jewelzdagod is a celebration of independence and never becoming a slave. This project touches on so many social and political issues, songs like "Why" feat Maju talks about the relationship between the black man and woman in a soulful story told by both sides. " I want u" feat Dame O may be the special pleaser for all. "Hold U Close" talks about the plight of the baby momma in America, and the dissolution of the black family. Love Songs like 'Are We Friends" puts you in a scenario where you just get caught up in a relationship. You have so much fun now its time to define whats going on, and thats when it gets sour. At times not having to define something allows more freedom. Sometimes its good to just be. "On the edge" deals with the issue of police police brutality in Amerikkka as we are turning into a militarized country. The death of so many black men in the U.S. is a travesty. This project is the most honest, sincere and endearing project yet. Live sets are thrown into the ambience to give you a speacial experience.

Pick up the album here :

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