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Rebel Soul Double Album

A new war is being fought between right and wrong, good and evil, the righteous and the wicked, truth and falsehood. Belief is having a showdown with disbelief, the straight versus the spinners. The soul is literally under attack. Amongst all the guns, bombs, drugs, sex and violence a new peoples will raise up....These people are the Rebel Souls.It is not about black or white, rich or poor, the oppressed or the oppressor. It is about God and the devil, choose sides....

Why be a Soul Rebel when you can be a Rebel Soul..?

Da soul rebels are those that choose to go to work everyday, support their families, pay their bills and taxes accordingly. For the achievers its easy to be numb to the outside world when you are in side of a big house and a stretch limosine. Disturbingly enough even the wealthy deals with stress, fear, anxiety, depression and insecurities. The soul rebel abides to social norms, but labors overwhelmingly to gain capital. The overall political economy does not promise jobs, food or domestic tranquility. Advancements in technology replaces thousands of workers, and companies often downsize and lay off workers to meet their bottom line. Classes of people are formed further estranging us from each other.

An unpredictable socioeconomic environment makes the soul rebel learn strategies for survival. If they don't they will perish, or simply conform. And in conforming the soul rebel is constantly under pressure.

The problematic and unresolved set of dilemmas which confronts the soul rebel everyday finally cannot just be ignored. To survive an environment of selfishness, mistrust, fear and vulnerability brings about a volatile society. The pimps and prostitutes, criminals, drug dealers and number runners.

The Rebel Soul's challenge is to interpret society in order to change it, in theory and in practice.The Rebel Soul spends his energy dealing with the solution and not the problem. Instead of waiting for someone to do things for them, the Rebel Soul takes the initiative. The Rebel Souls take care of their mind, body and soul. The nature of the spiritual and physical war requires the Rebel Soul to watch his diet, read extensively and stay in touch with the creator/nature to maintain the soul. Anyone that is simply being proactive is a Rebel Soul, whether you are a good father or mother, an activist, or just a person that is instrumental in inducing positive change. The Rebel Soul is driven by love, freedom and equality, this album is a wake up call...

The Rebel Soul album is a double album, disc one being the Rebel side and disc two being the Soul side. It is passion and endurance, music, spoken word, poetry and song. The title track is melodic and directly calls out the Rebel Souls. With Jha Voice gracing the hook, it is a rare classic. Songs like "U made me" is for the soul rebel, those that don't know or cannot pinpoint exactly where their frustration is coming from, and are searching everywhere else for answers except within. "Venting" is for the backpackers, the b-boyz, with a special feature from Freewill and Javis the track is a gem. Other titles like

"Its Solo" simply expresses how every person has to carry their own weight. This sophomore album is more soulful with production from the usual cast Kai Chi prod, Moorish Daze music, and Zestone. A Mika 9 prod on "She part 2" was a good mesh, Joseph Leimberg who has done tracks for Snoop Dogg, G-Unit and more also lends a hand. "All Day" is emotional and soulful, speakin on a love thats turns sour. Lets go back to when we were in love.....and "Baltimore" touches on a relationship scenario, but perhaps the gem on the album is "Nigeria" which is recorded in jewelz's native language Igbo. With 20 new tracks the listener has many options. Rebel Souls stand up!


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