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The Destruction Of The Black Family In America

In 1964 J Edgar Hoover the then CIA Director said to his colleagues

"Once we make the black woman the man of the house not only will she fight to keep that mantle. She will also turn her black man into the system if he ever tries to reclaim his throne"

In 2023 you now see 70% of African American woman as single mothers, as if its normal or natural. Its not.

The feminization of the black male is one way to limit the warrior aspect of the black male with ads, commercials, celebrity figures and fashion influencing the community by showing strong black men in female outfits and feminine postures. Not to mention the chemicals in the food and water, and the buck breaking in the jail cells.

Also by legalizing the LGBTQ community the government knew that by adding another community into society it would create more division and make it easier to control the masses. But worse of all the black community is being targeted directly by lgbtq activists and regretfully and sadly people like Gabrielle Union are spearheading normalizing gender transformation surgery to minors.

As an African being gay is not our culture, it is a direct attack on the man woman and child structure, and a direct attack on the village. In America we see the lgbtq agenda supercede the black agenda for reparations or any type of apology for slavery. Procreation is what increases the numbers in the village and the black family is wealth.

In the United States the government knew once you eliminate the black family you eliminate black wealth.

The danger is, once crack was introduced to the neighborhoods in the 80's (well documented) by the CIA, part of the Cointelpro program was to shut down all the factories black men used to work to bring home the bacon were shut down. Black men resorted to selling crack to feed their families. Those who got caught would get football numbers in prison.

The black woman after years of having to fend for herself turned into the masculine figure in the household. The government knew this would happen. Also if any black man attempts to be a King to provide and protect he is met with the wrath of the black woman who is socially engineered to not give up her position as the man of the house.

In fact the African American race is the only race in the world where the woman makes more than the black man further creating an inbalance in the family structure. This is not by accident, this is done on purpose. Social programs get rolled out like affordable housing, Section 8 and more get handed to the black woman, as long as the black male is not there.

How could she take the bait? The argument is she had no choice. She did have a choice, and in fact wearing a white woman's hair to look beautiful is another choice.

We can see it in hip hop music now with the rise of masculine female rappers like "Scar Lip" "Glorilla" and more. The masculine energy being released now is just how it was socially engineered to be.

Unbenownst to the African American woman in America she is being used as a pawn to further alienate and destroy the black man when she accepted the treaty spiritually, physically and mentally to choose or decide to fend for herself. The powers tyhat be was able to take away her protection. When black girls go missing nobody cares.

Another quote by J Edgar Hoover was " The greatest threat to national security in the United States is the black family. Up until the dismantling of the Black Panther Party the black man woman and child was united in the struggle.

These are just a few factors working to decimate the black family in America. The challenge as an African man in AMerica is knowing this information and watching it play out in society. You have African American woman waiting to see if a man can lead before or if they decide to submit". Submit is the most apalling word because it derives some type of servitude. My argument is an African American woman should always be in her divine feminine energy weather a man can lead or not. The danger if she does not is by the time she may run into a man that can lead all her masculine habits would not be so easy to break. Would she be able to know how to go back to her true nature?

For the African American man they are caught in a dilema and a quagmire, because as much as we all witnessed George Floyd being brutally murdered, replayed 1000 times on TV, like a black male death porn movie. The worst challenge for him is to try to get the respect of his own black woman who probably makes more than him. 40% of black men in prison is due to domestic violence. As soon as he tries to be the man of the household he is met with resistance. And disrespect, stemming from her used to being in control, and him vying for his place in a family structure.

In all my travels all over the world, mind you I have been to 62 countries and counting and speak 7 languages. I have personally experienced the disrespect African American woman would give their men. That does not happen in Africa, when it gets directed towards me I look at a socially engineered post slavery human being acting according to how she is trained to by mechanisms put together for her to act that way from years ago.

I met this poet in Los Angeles called Nikki Blak who does not know me, but was bold enough to put me on a blog fantasizing that I made a pass at her. The toxic state of the black woman in America is irreversible, to continue the story she kept this blog on the internet for 14 years. This woman married a white man to have a white baby due to her own self hatred of her dark skin. Maybe her baby her mixed baby will have a better life, where her ex husband is now Sandbloom, who knows?

I googlwd this toxic sick personality and look what I found :

So many traumatic issues post slavery happen in America that has nothing to do with me. Just trauma acting out. This woman a total stranger till today I have never even spoken to for 5 mins continued her obsession with me and would proceed an attempt to ridicule my character for no reason other than to fantasize in a blog about an attempt she thought I tried to pursue her 14 years ago, and has been holding on to that fantasy.

My truth is culture shock, my truth is growing up with African woman around me uplifting their men and being an integral part in nurturing not only nurturing the land but the seeds and the babies. I am not used to as Dr Joy Dgury would call it post traumatic slavery syndrome from negropeans who have strayed so far away from their heritage. My ancestors cursed Nikki Blak and sure enough nothing in her life or her children's life is going well or will ever go well. Haiti defeated the French with Juju, in Nigeria we use Juju on our enemies. Its these unhealed traumatised black woman that are so called influencers in the community, spreading negropean values inclusive of a gay agenda that is so far away from any African teaching or culture.

Met a Another African American sista I will leave her anonymous, I tried to arrange dinner and asked her if she would oblige she said yes. That evening I did not hear from her, so I waited the next day to see if she would text or call but did not receive either. So I called and asked what happened, she said I was with my kids you expect me to leave my kids to be with you. I answered I expect you to be a lady and be respectful of a mans time. I got cursed out and this lady ran to the community spreading rumors that I was disrespectful. Basic eticate and respect for the black male gone. Unless he is submissive to her. Just a few personal experiences that I wanted to share. I realized that culturally its not her fault, she is just a pawn in the grand scheme of demasculating, and eliminating the black man and by poisoning his woman was part of the strategy. She simply does not know how to keep a man or make a man happy, I mean where would she learn that from? Aint no more grandma's in the hood talking to they grandbabies. Aint no men in the house to watch how a wife would treat a husband.

African American woman who (post 1980) is now the man of the house and a masculine figure is in fact an enemy to me, an enemy to the village, an enemy to the black community and an enemy to her man if she has one by de masculating him by taking charge. She becomes one of the leading cause of black genocide in the United States designed by the powers that be.

I have to tread lightly because this blog is about explaining another point of view, This blog is about explaining how the powers that be were able to destroy the black family by seducing the Black woman. Like the snake did in the story Adam and Eve.

The anger many African American woman have when they meet me and realize that I love myself, I have been to 62 countries and speak 7 languages comes from a place of irritation. I Can"t be sonned, I can't be put down, I cannot be de masculated. It's a very astonishing observation the need to put black men down .

The small percentage of black woman that understand the tyranny and tragedy of a post black panther era are the saving grace. There are those that study the principles of Maat and focus more on the African part instead of the American part of the word African American.

To carry on in society as if the current state of affairs is okay is not realistic. The algorythms are off and the statistics or numbers speak for itself. Also lets question sisterhood. Everytime I go out with a beautiful black woman it is her own sista thats looking at my date up and down with hate and jealousy. In fact even worse, looking at me to try to get contact with me. Not even respecting the woman that I am with.

When I was married in New York more black woman tried to break up my marriage and aggressively pursued me despite knowing I had a wife. That breaks up the black family even worse. Why is it a man with four baby mommas the 5th baby momma thinks she gonna be the one that will change him? This is insanity.

To be continued


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