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The new album"God Cry" arrives June 21st 2020

The greatest gift we were given as mankind is freewill, some choose evil, yes you can choose what you want, either way the universe will always stay balanced in its own timing, there are consequences to choices. The album God Cry speaks on how we as mankind have misused the power in the freedom of choice to our own detriment.

If i told you my story it would make "God Cry" and that is what this album is. If the lion does not tell his story people will always worship the hunter.

The planet earth as a living organism has a right to defend itself like every other living organism from predators and parasites. The current state of affairs as we have evolved as mankind is progress but yet we are lacking in the very fundamentals and principles that are the building blocks of a condusive environment.

The moral compass once it teeters too much to one side the side effects are biblical, we made "God Cry". This album comes at a time when the planet is sick, we are more polarized than ever, our fears and panic is on full display, we are politically in dissaray, and viral global pandemics challenge our sense of mortality.

God Cry starts with the Intro "Genesis" which is a pure meditative experience, before track two enters with "After all the Smog is Gone". This song speaks of clearing your chakras, or clear cache so you can see more clearly. Eliminate all distractions for your own good.

'Bars" which is the 3rd tack on the album is two verses of lyrical prowess that should excite hip hop heads, bars is whats lacking in todays new music. The next song "Hip Hop" is featuring Akil The Emcee from the legendary group Jurassic 5, this collaboration should touch all hip hop heads.

"Counceling" speaks on the ned for therapy when the outside world can cause enough trauma for you to loose your mind. The pursuit of material things causes trauma. 'Mercy Mercy Me" is featuring Jha Voice and as an ode to Marvin Gaye this song discusses the worlds ills and personal challenges each of us have to go through.

The song "God Cry" simply illustrates why and how we made "God Cry", shame on all of us. "Let Go" featuring Medusa da Gangsta Goddess is another song with just bars, when you wanna just let go your thoughts is what we did on this song. "Da New Jim Crow" feat Pow Shadowz addresses the racial tension blacks still face in the United States.

"Climate Change" speaks on the effect of humans on this planet, and its a catastrophic effect, I as an artist am "Thankful" for my existance, and lastly "Gods Purpose" speaks on everyone needing to find their purpose in life.

Thank you to everyone that has been supporting Jewelry Entertainment since 2003

Look out for this album June 21st 2020

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